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Originally Posted by Dreaming Of Pandora View Post
You live in the US, Raiden. I'm not sure how much extra a transatlantic flight is. If I do manage to build up enough money to go, I wouldn't think twice in saying the chance of me going is 100%.
Sure, there's an entire year in between then and now, anything could happen
You should definitely try to make it.

Originally Posted by apache_blanca View Post
Aketuan, will you add me? I give you 70% - & it's a cautious figure. (I figure I'll have to swim across the Atlantic if I don't have enough for the airfare...)
Awesome. I hope to see you there.

Originally Posted by Human No More View Post
I like the look of that list. Lots of names, lots of 100%s too. I will make every possible effort to be there
yeah it is growing fast...let me add a few more 100% for you...hehehe

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