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Originally Posted by Human No More View Post
Don't forget whose hand the image is based on (mine )...
yes, it's true! it's your hand! (I remember the beginning of the design discussion)

Irayo to everyone for the donations
I want to say something I said before on AF: do we like this site? do we receive something here? E.g., likeminded people, new friends from all over the world, amazing project & passtimes like the meetups, the community support to all & each one who needs it, the opportunity to share our thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams (that probably no one in RL would understand), not only about the Avatar world but about our life & our own planet? In short, do we receive something? Then it's right to give something; if only for the sake of the balance (that Eywa maintains btw).

Sometimes I post more, sometimes less, depending on a variety of factors but I do love ToS, it became the true family, it really gives sense & even some purpose to my life (at the long last ) & I See it's right to support a family whenever possible.

Oel ngati kameie, ToS!
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