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Originally Posted by Tsyal Makto View Post
Just more reason that the answer is not to parcel nature off, it's to let it run wild! A lot of people have been saying this for a while (including me), now there's proof. The whole world is an interconnected system, and we as a species must recognize this fact.

TBH it seems a little strange that genetic diversity was not factored in when reserves were first created.
It was probably because they neglected to think of the larger animals.

For example, there could be seven distinct populations of Northern Alligator Lizards in Yellowstone, which would provide enough genetic diversity for them to thrive and survive, but there would be far less room for Black Bears, which are much larger, breed more slowly, and intermingle as they roam different areas.

The alligator lizards are small compared to the bears, and so they can sustain genetic diversity, but the bears might not be able to do that, since they are larger and breed more slowly.
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