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Impressive. I bet this takes a massive amount of gpu memory, notice that there are no super-long sight lines? Also, it takes a lot more horsepower to simulate all those individual points inside an object than, say, a deformable skeleton. If this was realtime I'd like to know the specs of the computer running this.

Also, they're talking about importing movie models directly into games, and as cool as this may sound, movie datasets are *huge*. Games would have to come prepackaged in several hard disks, but hey, in the eighties Gates said 640k of RAM should be enough for anybody, now 3< GB is considered standard.

Another interesting thought, the way this is done naturally lends itself to efficient parallel processing, most, if not all of the engine running this could be pushed over to the GPU, with the traditional CPU functioning as a glorified northbridge that happens to be able do floating point as well. Will the games of the future make hardware manufacturers push for the "APU" design? Isn't it time everyone moves away from the x86 architecture they've been tacking things onto since the eighties?
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