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Default Come, into the Wilderness! Olympic National Park awaits us!


So, as some of you may have heard, there will be a camping trip before or after (yet to be decided) the 2012 meetup. So, I've created another (masterfully-titled OwO) thread for the occasion.

So far, it will occur at the Olympic National Forest, North of Seattle. There are two camp setup options possible, but there are differences between them.


Group setup means we will be camping in close proximity with each other, which might be nice, but we will pay more money for this sort of setup. Also, there is a lodge that serves one of the group campgrounds, which likely means showers and such would be available there. The cost for the lodge site is 20 for the reservation, and then 2 per night per person.

So, for example, if we stayed at the lodge site for 5 nights, and there were 35 of us, we would need to pool 370 dollars to pay for the whole thing, besides whatever money it would take to put some food together. That would only require a little more than 10 bucks from each person.


-Close-knit setting
-Possible showers/food/etc.
-An "indoors place" for those who might want it


-More expensive
-The lodge is nice, but might take away from the outdoors/life-in-the-wilderness experience
-Might be farther away from good hiking trails and such
-Only a couple group sites


The individual setup won't be as close-knit as the group setting, but since different camping "spots" in a site are usually side-by-side, it wouldn't be too much different. There are also more of them, and so more variety in terms of choices. There is also one at the Hoh river rainforest, which I think will be a place that many of us would like to hike to/in.

The cost is's 12 per night, so each person would have to pay separately. It would be more expensive, but there wouldn't need to be a pool. Also, the only amenities at most of the individual sites are likely running water and pit toilets.


- More variety
- More trails to pick from for hikes
- No need for a cash pool


- More expensive per person
- Fewer amenities
- Not quite as close-knit

Okay, that's probably all for now. If those interested in coming to this camping trip could post and say whether or not they will be coming and their preferences for camping, that would help move things along.

Remember, we need to make reservations, and camping sites in these kinds of places fill up quickly, so post ASAP so that we can get plenty of space for our "clan"!
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