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Originally Posted by Empty Glass View Post
If we were to stay at the group site, how much effort would it take to get to some of the hiking trails? Would we need to have a few cars on hand to travel around the park?

I like the idea of being closer to trails in the individual sites, but the alternative definitely seems less expensive.

I should try to familiarize myself with locations of all the campgrounds, trails, etc.
There might be some greener ways to get to the Olympic National Park. Check out their website:
Getting to the Olympic Peninsula | Olympic Peninsula

I guess it all depends on the exact place where we end up. Maybe if there are enough of us it might be worth sorting out a coach to get us there and bring us back. Does anyone know what other useful websites there are for the area? I've found a few here:
Olympic Peninsula website:
Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau | Olympic Peninsula

This one has links to campsites and stuff:
CAMPING on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula

another one here:
Olympic National Forest Campgrounds

Some general info here:
Olympic National Park - Planning Your Wilderness Trip (U.S. National Park Service)

Another general one:
Olympic National Forest- Home

A waterfall trail (does the picture on the website remind you of anywhere?):
The Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail | Olympic Peninsula

I'll leave it there. Had a bit of google over load! Hahaha.

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