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Default 2012 Meetup Camping Trip PLANNING

This thread is meant to help people who are planning the camping trip, toss around ideas, and post group discussion times.

If you would like to help plan the camping trip please post here that you want to join the planning team. Anyone is welcome to help plan this awesome part of next year's meetup. Most of the planning will be done via IRC group discussions. If you have questions about IRC, PM me.

Please leave this thread for planning purposes only, any questions/suggestions should be posted in the general discussion thread for the camping trip.

Group Discussions are held via IRC.
Server -
Channel - #avatarmeet-camping

Next Meeting Time:
Friday November 11th at 10:00 PM PST (saturday morning for Europe)

Past Group Discussions:

-reviewed group vs individual campsites
-created survey to help determine numbers
-set the camping trip before the weekend of the meetup
(Aketuan, mikkowilson, Empty Glass, Payoang, Raiden, Sarah Noel)

-Dates Confirmed(not officialized though)
-simple itinerary --->

Sunday July 15th
-backpackers arrive early, start hiking from Sul Duc (16 miles total)
-the group stays night in wilderness

Monday July 16th
-backpackers hike back to Sul Duc via loop
-EVERYONE arrives at Sul Duc campsite
-spend day getting stuff set up

Tuesday July 17th
-group hike to Mink Lake (3-4 miles round trip)
-hang out at camp

Wednesday July 18th
-sleep in
-hang out at camp
-night hike/evening hike guided by Raiden to Sol Duc Falls (2-3 miles round trip)

Thursday July 19th
-pack everything up
-head for seattle for meetup.

Need to Reserve Group Site (MAX 24 people)

Camping Options:
-First come first serve at group site ($)
-individual sites ($$)
-lodge (about mile from both campsites, could be difficult) ($$$)

Possible events -
(Aketuan, Alan, mikkowilson, apache_blanca, Empty Glass, Raiden, Human No More, Sarah Noel)


*note: some people are on the IRC channel most nights, feel free to drop in whenever.

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