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Originally Posted by mikkowilson View Post
We're going to the mountains, we're going to the mountains!

- Mikko ... does a little dance.

So anyway after taking some time to review the map/trails, I am thinking that we should go with the Sul Duc Campground. It is less popular than the Hoh campground, and offers 82 spots. Also, the Hoh campground only has one trail leading from it and is 10+ miles on that trail to the next intersection. The Sul Duc is more secluded and has multiple trails leading from it. This would be great to have a different trail for different days. It also is close to several loops that might be great for backpacking...

The Hoh trail only goes along the river, while the Sul Duc has options of falls, lakes, peaks, and divides to go to...

Also by a strange coincidence, Sol Duc has a group campsite as well. (limit 24 people)...

map of the section:

Scale: [-------------------] = 5 miles

So all of that being said here is my cunning idea:

1. We have the official campground be the Sol Duc Campground.
2. We reserve the group site at Sol Duc. (max 24 people)
3. People can choose whether they want an individual site, or be part of the group site. They are all within walking distance of each other. That way we:
A. can accommodate large numbers of people
B. let people choose group or ind. (prices would be different)
C. have the group site as our "base-camp". We could all meet at the group site (even the ones who decided individual sites), for group meals/campfire/hang-out. It would also present a place to meet in the morning before we went on a hike.
D. The nice thing about having multiple trails and multiple destinations (falls, lakes, peaks) is that we can have short hikes/night hikes/backpacking all to different locations so people get to explore more of the park.

Individual (14$)
Group (20$ a night + 1$ per person) (so if we get 20 people, the cost is 2$ per person per night)
Olympic NP Entrance Fee (15$ per vehicle) (good for 7 days)


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