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Hahaha! I've just notices I put '15 mile walk' to get to REI ... I meant 15 minute walk. Doh!

Yeah, you're right I was meaning REI. Here's their website:
REI Store - Seattle, Washington - Sporting Goods, Camping Gear

I did put it on one of the itineraries I did for the June meet up as it has a massive indoor climbing wall...not that it is my kinda thing. Although I have done some in Derbyshire and Wales when I was in sea scouts. Come to think of it I used to do a shed load of hiking and camping!

Yeah, I had loads of energy back then...kinda running on vapours now! Still want t' come hiking though. Just that I might be with Apache and fellows taking a more sedate 'stroll' rather than 'hike'. Hehehe.

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