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Originally Posted by apache_blanca View Post
oh! thanks... where & when? (keeping in mind the time factor - I am in Barcelona. and not that I am a super hiker... but I'll try )
the details of the irc channel/server are in the first post. If you need help connecting, send me pm. Also, some of us are there often, so check it out if you want to anytime and say hi.

Speaking of which how does 10:00 PM PST next Friday work for everyone?

That would be 6:00 AM Saturday in UK and 7:00 AM Saturday in Spain...I think.

This would be the best time because any later, would be difficult for the people in/near USA while any earlier would be difficult for people in in/near UK...

I think we should try to figure out the length of the trip(maybe exact dates?) and campground.

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