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Thank you for the story.

I d like to add two bits that I remember.

One is that supposedly that place under the waterfall in the northern territories where the rainbow serpent is sleeping is under threat by an uranium (?) mining project. The aboriginies have the story that if the rainbow serpen is disturbed and her resting place runs dry, she will wake up and do devastating things (some say "destroy/eat the world").

The other is that one thing always has to be remembered when hearing these stories. Songlines, which are the "storylines" of dreamtime stories are physical as well as within the story. They refer to actual places and locations and one can travel along them and follow the stories. That waterfall really exists as a physical place. songlines contain not only stories, but also information abouot the cultural context, about morphology of the landscape, climate, waterways, safe travel paths, moral and ethical rules, and much more. They ensure peace between the tribes that share them, which are basically most of the aboriginal australians.
The stories are good to hear and I love to hear them, but I try to keep in mind, that what we can share here, by written words from a far distant place is only a fraction of what such a story from a songline really is.

Oh and on a sidenote - I find it interesting to read about the rainbow serpent. In a story I wrote some time ago elsewhere, the serpent actually died and from that the rivers formed. The story involves a number of other characters as well, telling how it came to be that salmon swim upstream and some other parts - its cool that I "foound" an ancient story it seems.
I wonder if the other story I wrote at the same time - aboout a tree falling ini love with the spirit of the fire is also in some of these ancient stories. That tree ended up living near the edges of the forewst because the others are afraid of it as she still hides the fire spirit under her skin. That skin turned white because of that and it can catch fire really easily (If you want, you can now think about how we call this tree in our language now )
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