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Default I hate insurance companies....

I don't hate much of anything but I have a particular loathing for medical insurance companies. Why you may ask? Well, I'll tell you. My husband developed a condition a couple of years ago that he couldn't get treated very much because he had no insurance. Then, about two 1/2 years ago, he got the insurance but due to a pre-existing condition, he was denied the surgery that would fix the problem until the time was up for that. So, we tried to get it done again, last year. They said everything was a go until about a week before he was supposed to have the surgery, they said that they couldn't cover part of the procedure and so he didn't get his surgery.

Then, a few weeks ago, we decided to send the claim in again. The doctors are willing to try. Yesterday, we received a letter from the insurance company saying that my husband is covered and that he can get the surgery done. I personally called the insurance company yesterday to here it from their lips. We were happy. We even celebrated by having a glass of wine.

Then, today, my husband calls the doctor to set up a time for the surgery. He was told that the insurance company called the doctor's office to say that a part of the procedure will not be covered. So, we are back to square 1 again. It seems that they are playing a game with us. We have gone from being elated to being depressed and in pain. I have been crying for most of the morning.

I did call the insurance commissioner for the state. He is going to conduct and inquiry into this mess. I HOPE that that will put enough pressure on the insurance company. The whole problem is that this particular part of the procedure is not part of their contract with my husband's employer. As a result, he has been denied care now three times.

I don't know what to do. If the inquiry doesn't not solve it, it looks like we will have to find a lawyer. I'm so upset right now and in so much pain. I told my dad on the phone but he thought he was giving me "comforting" words but they weren't. In fact, they made things worse .
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