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Originally Posted by ZenitYerkes View Post
Just keep in mind that just science is not all a full human being needs as an answer (since we would be limiting a person to accepting facts coming from the outside), and that current knowledge is far from perfect. We still have to answer to questions both very specific (quantum physics) and very basic (what is a force? what is energy?).

Science and knowledge are incomplete, both speaking as being far from finished, and complementary to other forms of knowledge (or "wisdom", as the OP mentions it). It doesn't "ruin" anything as long as it is what you want to acknowledge.
This is a very philosophical response which is fine I guess, but I was answering the first question posed. I guess you're answering the second question then, "is it/is it not necessary to make things more beautiful". Beauty is of course an opinion and anything you see or understand (or even think you understand) can effect that opinion. The second question IMO is entirely subjective.

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