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Default Meetup Pandora

Okay, attempting this. These are your characters once in Pandora, but the game starts in Seattle so you're humans first It's during the camping, and we're set up in front of a lake at night.

Here it is. This is a list of everyone I can remember seeing very often. Anyone not on this list who cares to know how they've appeared can just ask, honestly I've probably seen you if I've ever talked to you here. Also, feel free to ask about additional information. These dreams include an enormous amount of detail, and I've probably had upwards of 30 by now.

(All humans are always in exopack or amp suit unless otherwise stated.)

Aketuan: Human. Sometimes in amp suit colored lll

Alan: Human. films everything just like IRL Manages to keep up even though he carries a lot of stuff.

Apache: Na'vi. long unbraided hair, seems to have a way with animals, especially horses.

Ashen: Human. and expert pilot . Once, he found an abandoned samson and used it to bring us home.

Aurora: Human (maybe?). Na'vi characteristics, a fusion of human and na'vi style.

Cassio: Avatar. lots of varying hairstyles and ornaments, very long hair, hybrid native/human attire.

Clarke: Avatar. carries a backpack with a guidebook, notebook, medical supplies, and other handy equipment which varies.

Cyan Rachel: Avatar. Together with Unknown and Txon, an ambassador between us and the natives.

Fiyerwall: Na'vi. Despite a language barrier, the na'vi are thoroughly impressed with her tattoo.

Fosus: Avatar. Long hair all in one braid, human attire. Speculative and careful, usually noticing important details before the rest of us.

Ghaziya: Na'vi. Rides a yellow ikran with a slight orange/red gradient at the wings.

HNM: Avatar. Simplistic na'vi attire, long braided hair. Most often, he finds the way to Pandora (it's not always through the lake ).

Icu: Na'vi. Native attire, short hair. I learned he was a great swimmer in the ocean dream.

Iron Jones: Human. Only been in one dream so far (a meetup only dream), and in it, he was in complete disbelief when we all tried to tell him we really had been going to Pandora. But he'll see, won't he

James of Terra: Human. Usually carries a torch or spear, leads the way for the humans.

Mikko: Human. Documents everything with the large impressive/intimidating camera.

Miss Tammy: Blond avatar, of course! She essentially looks identical to the imvu.

NeyO: Na'vi. Short braided hair. Sometimes, he forgets he ever was a human and can only speak na'vi.

Palukanu: Na'vi. Long braided hair, colorful geometric patterns sometimes painted on face, very fast runner.

Raiden: Human in amp suit. Amp suit is fun colors lllll

Saphir: Human. Wears the straw hat from his picture. Of course, he is the one to introduce the na'vi to strawberries :3

Sarah Noel: Avatar. Hair just past shoulders and unbraided, native attire of her own design, complete with flight glasses.

Stdout: Na'vi. Short braided hair. Rides a light grayish blue ikran. Occasionally carries a fan lizard on his shoulder.

TBW: The skinniest na'vi you have ever seen shoulderlength hair braided, native attire.

Txon: Avatar (I know, wtf). Short hair, mostly human attire. Main translator between us and the natives.

Unil: Avatar. Medium length unbraided hair, native attire. A good swimmer who integrates well into the na'vi community.

I am sitting around a huge fire with most of the other campers, listening to stories and various nature talk from Raiden and Aketuan. By the lake, I hear some raised voices. HNM and Clarke are having a physics discussion, presumably. It's been going on for a while, and I have no idea what they're talking about anymore Tbw and Icu are rolling their eyes in the general direction of the lake. "I wonder where Pandora is this time," I said, referring to all my fantastic meetup dreams. I got a few laughs and a few replies, which were, up that hill, in the woods, and most overwhelmingly, in the lake.

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