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Default Belo Monte news

Brasilia, Brazil – A district federal court in Brazil ruled today that indigenous communities threatened by the controversial Belo Monte Dam complex – under initial construction since July on the Xingu River in the Amazon – do not have the right to free, prior and informed consultations regarding the project
She [Judge Cardoso] downplayed the importance of prior consultations with indigenous peoples threatened by infrastructure projects such as Belo Monte, claiming they are "informative" and irrelevant for congressional decisions on whether to authorize mining and hydroelectric projects on indigenous lands.

The indigenous people living at the site of Belo Monte Dam project have occupied the planned construction site and used direct action, civil disobedience and other peaceful measures to shut down operations. As of yet, they were not met with violence. The construction is going on despite protests and even judges making decisions against the project. I think the companies just assume that in the end they will manage to make the decisionmakers follow their plan, so there is no need to stop constructing.



There is a call for solidarity, though I am not sure what they really want to do with that, but here it is:
(Seems like they want people to make parties as a kind of protest)

... I so hope this will become more like what happened in Bolivia than what happened in Avatar (well ok, if they win in the end, it would be ok if it is like in Avatar of course, but the chances are somewhat limited)
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