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If something needs to stop, it is the whole us vs. them mentality that is applied to everything these days.

Originally Posted by Pa'li Makto View Post
You know, I really need to add that with the 'masculine principle' ie the patriarchy, the system of society and government not only discriminates/ignores women but also children, the obese and people who don't fit into the ideal image of a bronzed muscle man, mentally and physically disabled men and women, the elderly and those who are culturally different from the host country. This needs to be said because although Mika's work can be interpreted in many ways, the masculine principle that she mentions refers to a system that only seems to show one version of man, the physically able, the strong and the confident one who is able to compete with other men and provide for his family. So the masculine principle is a concern not only for women but for men who are different then this 'hero' image and for the elderly and children. So really, the masculine principle only caters for a minority.

I got most of this stuff from studying gender in historiography in university and we had a huge discussion about the patriarchy/ masculine principle and what it stands for and what it doesn't stand for.

This is my interpretation but I think I needed to put this down.
Apparently it caters more than enough people because it is still around, so go figure. I am almost a polar opposite of such ideal, but I'm lucky in the sense that my intellect allows me to see past such nonsense, even though it, and many other things taken for granted in this day and age, are the norm that keep our society running in its current state.

So it begs the question, are we broken, and thus have constructed a broken system that works for us, or have we constructed a broken system that breaks us to work for it?
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