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Originally Posted by Theorist View Post
Perhaps... perhaps the equation E = MC^2/(sqrt(1-V^2/C^2)) needs to be changed when light reaches or exceeds the speed of light. Kinda like how the equation for gravity changes, like when you are outside the surface of the earth, it is one thing, and gets weaker as you move further away from the surface of the earth, but then when you are inside the surface of the earth, it is a different equation,
No, no, no!

It's always, always, always the same equation, no matter where you are in the universe or how the universe is arranged around you. However, what that equation simplifies to can change, depending on circumstances. The force of gravity does not mysteriously disappear just because you are inside the the Earth; all of the Earth is still attractive towards you, as it always is. However, gravity has direction as well as strength, and as you go inside the Earth, the ground above you start cancelling out the attraction of the ground below you, leaving a weaker apparent force.

Incidentally, changing the equation you gave would essentially be like changing the fact that 2+2=4. There's a big proof leading up to it, and nobody can find a flaw in any of the premises that proof starts with.
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