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I think you're quite good at rambling Aquaplant, I especially enjoy reading your interpretations and trying to answer your interesting questions. IMO, rambling is a sign of contemplation and contemplation can be seen as philosophising which is critical for new thought and ideas.

I like your analogy of the cold shower, I think it helps to explain the social climate of the time where I do believe we have all been desensitised through the news and peers ect to accept and normalise everything that happens around us. For example, I'm still shocked to see some people at car crashes taking pictures on their phones with unreadable faces.

As for monetary value, I think you're spot on there. Money appears to amount to everything that most people work for, save for volunteers and community based workers-although they still get paid a salary. What you seem to describe looks a bit like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which places self actualisation and ego needs above safety and survival. Such as someone with their basic needs such as a steady income met and then going on to consume luxury goods or other sources of measuring or improving self worth like what you said here:

Originally Posted by Aquaplant View Post

Worth is pretty much measured in monetary success these days, but those who have already achieved said success in their opinion, turn their eyes towards other sources of self worth, now that they feel that being just monetarily successful isn't doing the trick anymore
Here's the diagram of the needs theory. I think it's a little too rigid to describe everyone but I think it illustrates your point well.

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