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Hydro can also of course be done very ecologically.

The town I live in (Juneau), in Alaska, runs on 100% Hydro. But instead of dams; our main hydro plants are run from "tapped lakes" .. that's natural lakes where they have drilled a tunnel up into the bottom of (like a bath drain). The lake acts as a natural reservoir, though the water level does of course fluctuate. But they are deep lakes with a small footprint in harsh mountains and have very little environmental impact.

One of the backups if a partially tapped creek that has some water captured for hyrdo before returning to the ocean next to where the rest of the (un-captured) stream empties.

The other backup hyrdo is from a small dam; that again is a deep water, small-footprint, dam up in the mountains that is also used to supply drinking water for the city locally without long-distance pumping.

If all that lot fails, then we use Diesel generators for backup. But they run only very rarely.

The hydro power even supplies local mines; and in the summer cruise ships when they are docked so they don't have to keep their engines running.

Hydro can be done "right", responsibly. And building huge dams and flooding massive areas isn't the best way.

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