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OK guys, this is coming from an aerospace engineer. There is not one single method of generating power that is totally clean and without side effects.
Let's say that the powers that be, stop that dam from being built. What's left?
Solar? At that latitude, the footprint would be HUGE.
Nuclear? Where are you going to store the waste? Are there any seismic problems?
Wind? Perhaps IF there enough "wind days" per year, and then you have "Bird Strikes".
WHATS LEFT? Diesel, and God Forbid, Coal.
They need the power, and they are going to GET the power, one way or the other.
The ONLY way to reduce our footprint, is to DRASTICALLY reduce DEMAND, and the ONLY sure fire way to do that, over several generations, is NEGATIVE POPULATION GROWTH, on a TOTAL Global scale. Good luck with THAT.
ALL the other answers will involve side effects, we need to pick the "littlest Demon" and harness it as best we can.
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