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Ma Clarke,
As far as we know, it is not possible to the extreme that it went on Venus, because of our greater distance from the Sun, but what's the difference between the 700 degrees on Venus, and the 250 or 300 degrees that we could eventually hit over time, (long after all life on the surface of Earth was gone).
Let's think this through. The Methane is (geologically suddenly) released into the atmosphere, and breaks down into, among other things, a LOT of Carbon Dioxide.
If we, as a species, have allowed this to happen, then it's a safe bet that we ALSO continued to merrily inject lots of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere as well. (Oh well, the photochemical smog IS what gives us such pretty sunsets).
So NOW we have a carbon/hydro carbon/ Sulphur Dioxide rich "soup" as our
atmosphere that at the time of this, is about as breathable to a human as the atmosphere on fictional Pandora, perhaps even LESS so.
Because of the atmospheric chemistry, the planet goes greenhouse, and probably within a decade or two, becomes too hot for most plant or animal life to exist on the planet. The decaying dead plant material decomposes, throwing MORE toxins into the "soup", the temperature rises enough to where the surface water evaporates, and once in the atmosphere, turns into a highly acidic, hydrocarbon mix, raining acid down on the surface of Earth.
One can debate the specifics of the temperature differences, but BOTH planets will be LETHAL to Humans without serious "space suits" on.
Because of our greater distance from the Sun, this planet would be able to hold on to more of it's liquid in the atmosphere, giving us the added bonus of a liquid acid soup in the atmosphere, something that Venus does NOT have to a great extent.
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Originally Posted by Clarke View Post
I understand that the climate experts believe that what happened on Venus isn't possible on Earth.

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