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I need a roommate (3 roommates actually), I'd be willing to book the hotel if we can rally together 2 more roommates.

Here's my "ad" I posted on LN:

I need 3 roommates for a total of 4 people, since I'm on a budget. It'd come to a total of about 160$ per person for the whole stay. I'm a cosplayer so for at least one of the nights I'll be making noise and hogging the bathroom. I'd prefer it if a maximum of 2 (but less is more ideal) of my roommates are doing intensive cosplay painting, and that they're not afraid of nudity, since the bathrooms are small and we'd be painting together. However, I'd prefer to room with 3 cosplayers, than have to pay more to room with less people; I can probably find an empty bathroom somewhere to sneak off to, so it's not so crowded.

Edit: I now need 2 roommates: Toruk Makto dibbed the first spot. I've also made hotel reservations, also, I hate sharing beds, so I'll be sleeping on the floor.

Now I only need 1 more roommate.

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