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Default Remote controlled mice, the beginnings of making the Avatar reality.

k i'm in a logical scientific mood, “go figure”, maybe it has something to with my attempts to learn Na'vi, and turning on a previously dorment part of my brain (note to self go google that tangent). So taking a break from Na'vi language studies, it started off searching for info and facts that we do know about Alpha Centauri, and well one link led to another. Anyways i ended up coming across articles discussing or comparing the science in Avatar to the sciences we now know. Then it finally hits me (yes two years later), that the process of driving remotely controlled Avatar's would probably require something like nano-technology implants, in both the Avatar, and our human body, to interface. In other words, damn wetwear!

So ... googling to find out more i typed in the search words ... science avatar remote controlled body ... (k the reason i'm telling it this way is because i'm on a Wii and can't copy paste the link). The first link item that should come up, is one about remote controlled mice. It also is comparing to Avatar movie. Basically it is about wetwear interface experiments that are already going on. Give it a read and if someone can post the link, thx.

There are other interesting articles as you scroll through the google pages related to the whole concept of remote control bodies, some focus on robotics as well.

I'm not saying i'm on board with the whole idea, but either way its worth noting.
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