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Originally Posted by Clarke View Post
I don't think you'd need an army there just to defend a new base. Depending on precisely what weapons you have available, you might need as few as 5-10, if you play them strategically. (Whether or not the RDA can play them sanely is an open question. )
1. They can't get it started.
2. They don't have ****ing WMD or whatever you're fantasising about. Go pay 40k or watch Battle Los Angeles or whatever so you can have your "mehrens killing teh aleins for being difrnt" and leave Avatar alone; it's not the genre you want it to be - tough.

Unfortunately, Cameron broke my suspension disbelief fairly severely there. For instance, there is a moment where an ikran pulls a Sampson out of the air and smashes it into something. As good cinema as this is, I can't see any way it could physically work; the ikran should be far too light for it to be able to pull on the Sampson that significantly.
Unfortunately for you, that was toruk, and you fail to understand the physics of exactly how rotors work - if it's lost that vertical control, it can't regain it as easily as you believe.

Set up your base in the middle of an empty plain, and defend it with large-calibre, long-range weaponry. This would be the solution if you were planning a new base, but obviously some compromises must be made if you didn't plan that from the beginning. Although a question in the case of the big machines such as shuttles and buildings is, "Evicted by what?" Eywa does not have a mass driver handy.
Nobody meant physically. As soon as any marine sets foot on Pandora, they are going to be dead, to say nothing of how eminently detectable their arrival would be, and the VERY small cargo available to them. An ISV couldn't even fit a base in it, let alone any marines, weapons or vehicles at the same time.

The economics of mining unobtanium with antimatter-fuelled rockets do not work out sensibly in any model of economics I can think of. If cost is an issue, I can't really see why you would go at all.
We already dealt with that. You're already close to trolling here, so I suggest you leave it alone.

That is a rather interesting catch-22: how much should you practice when ammo is limited?
Did you of all people forget about the stereolithography plant? Or are you just trolling for the sake of it?

That really depends on what technology the enemy can throw at you. A bow and arrow is worse than useless against a tank, for instance. (And if the RDA fixed the glaring design flaws in the AMP's windshield, it would easily qualify as a walking tank.) Not only that, but if your enemy is particularly advanced (possibly more so than the RDA) they can just watch the arrow in flight, and find where it came from that way. In that particular case, the computer is incredibly powerful, and the Na'vi have no response to it.
No, it's not 'worse than useless', you still have options you don't with nothing. Learn basic English.
If they removed the ampsuit's windscreen, it would be unable to see where it's going. That's a big flaw, and one I assume even you would be able to understand why.

This is another thing that depends on precisely what technology the RDA has available. It is impossible to both hide from infra-red cameras, and be able to fire back, for instance.

INFRARED DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. Stop watching bad films. It's great for tracking someone running across an open area at night, but in this situation, everything would disrupt it and you'd get a mostly-homogenous image.

I was not aware you could read my mind.
I can read your posts, which are 100% invasion-fantasy bull****.
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