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Default Shouting to the dark.

When there's no one left,
To talk to, to open to,
To express and to allow flow to,
Only then do you realise...

That you have lost everything.
In a moment of drunken stupor,
When judgement and reality, clouded...
Hangs over the mind like a fog;

That is the moment,
The crowning moment.
When it all becomes clear.

Alienated everyone you knew,
Made strangers of good friends,
Or they moved onwards,
To greater things, while you...

You were left stuck.
With not a single soul but yourself.
No one to empathise and understand.
No love and compassion.

Only now,


Drunk again, and there's no one left to talk to but myself... In these moments, I regret everything I have ever done, but moreso, I wonder why it is the way it seemingly has to be - and always will be.

The lone wolf, never knowing anything but solitude.
"When the time comes, just walk away and don't make any fuss."
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