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Default Painter for the Cosplayers!

Kaltx ma frapo! I have txantsana fmawn!!! A good friend of mine, Candace (attended the July 2011 meet up), is an experienced air-brush painter and she has volunteered her skills to us for the meet up! She will have all the paint and supplies needed. Paint time will be approximately 2 hours per person. In leiu of donations to her, she requests that anyone who wishes to donate bring their money in an envelope for the Retinoblastoma Organiation which is the organization for the cancer her son has. If you have any kind of skin conditions or are allergic to a certain type of paint please let her know by e-mail at or send her a message on Facebook. Everyone will still need their own accessories, but Candace will take care of the paint This is a wonderful gesture from Candace, so everyone please send her a big IRAYO

-Txon Rolyu

Update your profile now to register for Na'vi lessons at the meet up!

Fpl na Na'vi. Plltxe na Na'vi. Tran na Na'vi. Kame na Na'vi.
Think like the Na'vi. Talk like the Na'vi. Walk like the Na'vi. See like the Na'vi.

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Human body, Na'vi spirit

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Regarding the Na'vi language: Please try. One must practice in order to learn. Don't fear being wrong

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