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Originally Posted by Iluvrien View Post
I am not sure that anyone has really said that it is impossible to live with the natural world on your doorstep (although in the case of Wolves, Bears and the bigger cats I would prefer to have a healthy distance between us). Another example of deer in this situation that I have encountered was when I was recently in Nara, Japan where the deer roam free through the city and are actually a local landmark. My family also almost moved into a little property a mile into a local forest back when I was about 12, there was no garden to speak of because the deer just wandered through it, ate everything, and then moved on.

Personally, I would not say that we cannot coexist with wildlife, more that it is possible that we should not due to the impact of our lifestyle on theirs.
Well in case you did not noticed this people still have a garden to speak off so they do have some sort of relationship with the deer in their area. And I disagree with you there, if nature and mankind are to coexist we need to find a way to do so without removing ourselves entirely from it as you suggest. Besides the impact those people in the photos have had on the deer is obviously negligible at best.
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