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Also they use a masters tool to "dismantle" the masters house - or rather prevent it from being built. They selectively use two technologies - the technology of cartesian mapmaking and the technology of GPS. By that, they use a tool that usually is used to destroy such communities, namely mapping and drawing of borders to face these companies claims to land that is "free". Of course they depend entirely on the state to enforce their rights to their ancestral lands, to prevent the application of special mining laws that override personal property and so on. So it is a nice step, especially with the media presence, but it really depends on politics. I guess as long as there are other places that are not as smart, they will be able to keep their landbase.
Cartesian mapping can by the way also be a problem (see the book "off the map" by Chellis Glendenning) if it is taken as a worldview, but I think these people made a deliberate choice to selööectively use this technology for their protection and I sure hope they use it for that only (and not to start dividing up their land in parcels for families to own or therelike) - but from what is shown in the video, they dont seem to desire that.
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