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Over the weekend, I learned Raiden wanted to lose 20lbs before the meet up for his cosplay, this was about the same amount I want to lose too and decided we should do it together, to keep each other motivated. Then I thought, why stop there, lets get everyone involved who wants to be.

Everyone is welcome to be as involved in this as they want, but to join the AvatarMeet 2012 Weight Loss Pact I would suggest:
  • Signing up for It's free!
  • friend me on myfitnesspal, my username is sarahkatenoel_
  • Post username so others can friend you
  • Begin logging diet and exercise on myfitnesspal, the free mobile app is great for this, but you can do it online if you don't have a device

If you don't want to use myfitnesspal that's fine, again be as involved as you feel comfortable, you can do the entire thing exclusively on this thread if you want, or in a spreadsheet or notebook, whatever. Post whatever you like. Starting weights, goal weights, ect.

I would suggest that everyone take some before pictures, in tight fitting clothes or underwear from the front and from the side. No need to post them if you don't want to, it's mostly just for personal gratification at the end. I wish I had some when I weighed a whopping 170.

Sadly I don't know much about toning muscle, which some already skinny people might want to do instead, if anyone would like to jump in and explain that be my guest.

The rest of this post is more of my personal post, but I run through some math in it that might be helpful for some:
As I write this we have 85 days, about 12 weeks, until the meet up. I want to lose 20lbs, (I weigh 150lbs), that's 1.66 pounds a week so I need a net loss of 5810 calories a week. (1lb = 3500cal).

I've made a duplicate thread on LN too.

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