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For those who want to tone, but not build muscle bulk, Aerobic exercise is the best. If you like your knees, and want to keep them liking you, bicycle, don't run. By bicycle I don't mean a leisurely pedal around the block, but I also don't mean riding like your training for the Tour De France either. Do it at an exertive rate, keep your crank speed high, and worry about a LOT of miles, preferably every other day, more than a sprint pace.
When I was in Florida, I had 10% body fat. I was working "Punch out" 8 hours a day at a construction site in Palm Harbor, Florida. I would pedal a 21 speed mountain bike from Dunedin to the job site and back, five days a week. On weekends, I would take a relaxing ride from Dunedin to the north west end of Tampa on Saturday, and on Sunday, I would go to Tarpon springs and back. Not at "Race Pace", but at about 15 MPH, constantly.
At that time, aside from my bust, you could not pinch any fat. I am 6 foot 1, and I had a 28 inch waist, and weighed 160 pounds, all bone and muscle, but no bulk.
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