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Uff! Txon, I FINALLY found your thread again! (I was looking for it in cosplaying)... very kind Ateyo even sent me to your post on LearnNa'vi! but ok, here it is...

that's Very nice of your friend to offer it, please pass her our 'ayirayo' (hehe please don't beat me with your bow for buggaring up the Na'vi grammar! )

If she is Really professional, I might as well sign up! I told the whole forum (at least those who read Cosplay threads) that I won't be participating cos a) I have no experience, b) it's a long work (just to paint my face took me about 1.5 hours I haven't even tried to paint the rest), & c) I already promised to help somebody else with txim painting.

But if your friend can do a Complete body painting in just two hours... Are you certain of this? that's txantsan then! I might as well sign up. For all "oh no no no, not me cosplaying" I already bought tons of native-looking beads so... erm... it seems I am interested. Why not? I'll make a donation of course. This cause is worth fighting for
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