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Default Who will replace us?

If humanity would go extinct, by its own doing or by some other reason, who is most likely to replace us? I mean, what kind of animals are the ones closest to develop a high intelligence? Will it be chimansees? They are rather intelligent, they are good at manipulating things and they have started to manufacture tools. Will it perhaps be the crows. They have shown to be more intellient than earlier believed. Some of them are also even better toolmakers than the chimps. They have also a complex social behaviour.
Will it be dolphins. Maybe they are not so handy with tools, but their mental capacity is good.

And so we have the octopii. They are intelligent and rather good at manipulating objects. They are shortlived and not so social but that can shange during evolution. Some species (or groups within a species) have already been seen to be able to develop more complex social relations and increase their ability to learn from each other during environmental pressure.

so who do you think are the most likely candidate to replace us as an intelligent and/or dominating species?
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