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Originally Posted by Sarah Noel View Post
(1lb = 3500cal).
This easily varies, but 3500 is an overestimation if anything, so a good starting number. I seem to be more like 3000.

I initially planned to start dieting in March, but there was one factor I easily forgot about from my test diet in October: diet headaches. I don't know if this is common or if anyone gets this, but for about a week or two, I had some bad headaches. Since I'm taking real classes this semester, I didn't want to go through this until I took my exams, so dieting for me will now start in the second week of May. It's disappointing, but I can still make 105 if I try my best. How I look after that, aside from actually weighing less, is something I'll have to worry about when the time comes. It doesn't quite matter as much for me since I'm a clothes wearing avatar, but it would still be nice to look my best. Coffee is my best friend when dieting, and I like it all sorts of ways, including black

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