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Ateyo just weighed herself five minutes ago when we got up, and in the week that she has been slimming to be blue, she has lost four pounds. I don't mess with scales, as I have a tendency to add muscle weight when I work out, I just go by how I look naked in a full length mirror, and how my clothes fit. The new cargo shorts that were slightly snug last week, I can slip right off me without unbuttoning them now, time to get new pair on the first, when I will probably be even one more size smaller around the waist.
In order to have this kind of results, Tee and I eat two meals a day, drink Coffee by the gallon, cut out Gluten, severely reduce carbs (for Ateyo), and almost cut them to zero for me, and both of us jack our protein intake through the ceiling. In addition to that we both work out two to three hours a day together.
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