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Originally Posted by Human No More View Post
Yes, ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE. Not some programmed path. They won't spontaneously become sentient if given time, or in order to 'fill a gap' if other sentient species die out. That's nothing but creationist attempts to co-opt established fact.

There does not 'have' to be a sentient species. If one dies out, they won't get 'replaced' just because. Although two at once is less likely, there are still various scenarios where it could be a possibility, but they need pressures in that direction, they don't just reach some 'ideal' 'end form' given enough time.
At the same time one can see the phenomena that certain kind of environments, or circumstances, many times reult in organisms that are rather like each other, or share certain traits. A classical example is fishes, ichtyosaurs and whales who share certain traits (fins, streamlined body) because they live (or lived) in similar environment. Perhaps certain conditions tend to give rise to sentience too (even if I can admitt it does not happen very often, at least not before we humans entered the scene). That makes it still interesting to speculate about what kind of creatures could evolve sentience, if the environmental conditions are right. And also which of todays creatures have most capacity to perhaps evolve sentience, at least in the foreseable future.
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