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If you guys want to lose some weight, try an all organic diet. When I switched, I was at 205 lbs. Eleven months later I'm 172 lbs and holding and I hardly done any exercising. It all started when my doc said my BP was high and my buddy referred me to the organic diet so instead of meds, i decided to try the diet and it worked. My BP is normal and i'm......skinny unfortunately lol.

You can also lose weight by eating more. As strange as it sounds, it works. With a steady exercise and proper diet, you can eat 6 portioned meals a day and lose weight while toning up those muscles. Best thing about it is you are never hungry. Been there, done it when I was in college.

Even though it works for some, cutting calories and limiting yourself to very little food a day to lose weight is unhealthy. Your body needs energy to function so feed it well, but wisely.

Good luck to all of ya in your quests to drop the pounds!
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