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Default Critter of the Week

Heya folks.

So, as some of you may know, I'm into biology.

I'm somewhat dismayed by the lack of biology discussions on this board, so I had an idea.

Since many of you seem interested (or have become interested due to Avatar) in nature/animal type things, I thought I would start a weekly column of sorts here.

It would be called "Critter of the Week" and it would a post about a certain kind of animal or a group of animals, highlighting facts about them like their taxonomy, behaviors, diet, and habitat, as well as generally interesting facts about them.

The twist is that I'll be picking animals that I think aren't as well known; for example, I would talk about a Cerval instead of a Lion if I talked about cats, and I would talk about Glass Catfish or Spiny Eels instead of a Salmon if I talked about a fish. I will also be picking species and families/genera that might be threatened or endangered or that I think are misunderstood (such as spiders and snakes).

I would do this weekly and have two separate threads; one for my own weekly posts and one for comments from the rest of you about the posts.

My goal is to teach people here about the zoology/biology and ecology of living things that either need more attention because they are imperiled or misunderstood, and to simply try to spread knowledge about cool animals. OwO

So what do you think? Is anyone interested in this?
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