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Hey, EG.. so you were here to? Yeah, the Space and Flight museum was fascinating. Especially seeing the Rolls-Royce RB-211 engine. That was really cool. See ya in Seattle towards the end of next week.

Fiyerwall - funny you should mention the Museum of the Native American as that is exactly where we went today! There is a bit of an Avatar connection there. Interestingly the security guard who checked our bags notice our Avatar T-shirts and asked if we were fans. It told here we were and going to meet up with a shed load more. I also gave here the address. Well, yer know.. Anyway here is the video from today. Hopefully you will be able to view it:

Alan's AvatarMeet Journal: 5 - YouTube

Well, CyanRachel and I will be headind of to Seattle to meeting up with Mikko, AketaunNavi and a shed load of others for the camping trip. So we will be off grid until Thursday. But in the meantime keep posting your travel logs. I'll look forward to catching up with you all then. In the meantime save journies everyone and Eywa

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