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Kaltxì again!

Well here is some footage from the welcome evening. It is only able to give a flavour of the event, but I hope that those of you watching can feel a part of it. It was really great to see friends meeting up for the first time and old friendships being renewed.

Unfortunately I was not able to capture the full welcome event on my iPhone as I was kinda helping to present a small proportion of it. However, Mikko pulled off a txantsan Quartich to kick start the event. To give you an idea, you know Quartich's welcome address to the new arrivals to Pandora in Avatar, well let's just say its was a translation of that for the AvatarMeet . And it went down very well. This was followed by AketuanNa'vi starting off the summary of events. Then in turn, Sarah, Txonä and I gave a summary of the activities for the event, before everyone enjoyed an evening of meeting and mingling.

Here's a brief video of the evening:

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