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Irayo for your kind comments. I'm just grateful that ma aysmukan sė aysmuke don't mind me shoving a video camera in the faces every five mintes! ;D. It is a pleasure to be able to bring a bit of the AvatarMeet to those of you who have not been able to make it so you can still feel a part of it.

As you will all probably know, yesterday was a rather special. In the morning we had a live Avatar Nation recording session with the cast in front of a live Avatar Fan audience! This was well times as we got to experience some of Seattles rain. Fortunately it dried up for the evening.

Ahhh, yes the evening...

What a special occasion that was. We arrived at 17:00 and entered the JBL Theatre were we got to try out a new Avatar exhibit item that the EMP wanted some Avatar fan feedback on. This was followed by a very special audience with Jon Landau. It was an amazing experience as you can imagine. He was both entertaining and very accommodating of us and made sure everyone had had their time with him. We also presented him a birthday card signed by all of us.

Just before he left, he announced that popcorn and drinks were on the house for the Avatar screening, to much cheering. And with a final Kiyevame, he left back for LA. Next up was the screening of Avatar CE. I have no need to describe this as you already know how that goes.

I must just give a massive Irayo to Mikko Wilson and the rest of the planning team who organised the event which will live in our memories. I know there was a lot of behind the scenes work communicating with both the museum and Lightstorm Entertainment. Irayo.

I can't miss out the museum, who were very accommodating to our needs and went the extra mile to provide facilities and help make the event possible.

And of course a massive Irayo to Kathy Franklin and Jon Landau, who came up from LA to see us and share their time with us. It was a wonderful experience that we will all take with us.

Just so you know you can view picture via Also we did do a video and audio recording of the event. However, this will require editing and approval before release and will hopefully be released in due course.

In the meantime, here is yesterday's video log:

Eywa ngahu,

Sig kindly created by Prowler. Irayo ma tsmukan
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