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This made me stand back and think for a while before posting.
To start with, if someone asked me this question my first response would be no because I would consider it to be unethical, especially if the procedure could abused and could be forced on someone, either directly or indirectly and would change their way of being.

I'm currently sitting on the fence with this one. If such a procedure was made legal then those people who really want the procedure can have it, especially if they are in a country where homosexuality is illegal/immoral and they could be jailed or at serious risk of harm-Although whether or not they would choose to have the procedure if they are in a different environment is another thing. However, a drawback to making a procedure like this legal is that not only might it be seen as discriminatory as it could suggest that being homosexual is wrong and that there are options to reverse it but there is also the potential for mistakes to be made in the procedure and someone could have irreversible damage done to them, especially if such a procedure was done in a place where there is a lack of safety and professional standards.
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