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Originally Posted by Moco Loco View Post
So, assuming such a thing were possible, I'm not sure why anyone would specifically not want it to exist (provided it would not be forced on people). That said, I don't know why anyone would want to change their orientation, or what purpose that would serve. In what hypothetical situation would someone want to do this, can someone give me an example?
Hmmm I would think that there would be hostilities towards such a procedure because the very nature of there being such a procedure suggests that having a homosexual orientation is something that can be removed, thus something that isn't desirable. Given that sexual orientation is a big part of who someone is, people could always view that as an attack or discimination.

The only instances that I can imagine that someone might want to change their orientation is if they have suffered a huge amount of abuse because of it, such as in a school or in a deeply religious or idealistic family. Also if someone who is homosexual is living in a country where homosexuality is illegal and in some case punishable by death and they could be shunned by their whole family that could be another instance where someone would like to change their sexual orientation. EDIT: Although, as previously said, and you could bring use this for your ethics class Theorist: If there is pressure for someone to change like that, then to what degree is choosing to have such a procedure their choice?

Originally Posted by Theorist View Post
But perhaps should the engineer who designed the procedure realize the likelihood of this procedure being forced on people, and thus not design it? In a way similar to developing the nuclear bomb to fight the Nazis, was ethical, but perhaps some people who worked on that project think they shouldn't have developed it, because of other consequences.

Also, for the sake of how I am to discuss this in my ethics class, let's say the procedure is not reversible: meaning a straight person cannot be made gay. Just for the sake of how I wish to discuss the ethics behind it.
That's what I was thinking too.

I would say then that there would be a backlash against it, similar to the backlash against the stories of religious leaders who could "cure" homosexuality. If there is a procedure by the majority in society to change the minority then I imagine that there would be talk of discrimination.
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