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this is not my usual point of view as I see life as cause - action - consequence (which happens to be the cause for the next link in the chain of cause & effect, action & reaction and so on and so forth). When we act (or don't act, or think, or talk) - it's free choice; the rest is what people call 'destiny', in my philosophy life is both: free choice & destiny, life is like a road with many crossings, & in the crossing you make 'free choice' & then keep driving along whatever road you chose (calling it fate or destiny or karma etc.) - untill the next crossing.

But lately I have a feeling that I am just an observer, as if I am on a train simply looking out of the window: cow (gone...) field... (gone...) sea... (gone)... town (stop... gone...) ... ... another day at work (gone...) somebody said a stupid thing (gone...) somebody said a nice thing... (gone...) good weather (gone...) bad weather (gone...)

I am kind of abstract lately, like I couldn't give a flying flick about things that used to bother - or excite me. Weird. It's interesting that you posted it now, Theorist.
Knowledge is a chimera for beyond any knowledge there ever lies other knowledge that renders the previous knowledge false. (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever Vol.II- Stephen Donaldson)

What the bleep do we know!

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