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My wife and I have two Fender Guitars, (mine), and a Fender Mandolin, (hers).
We bought them new, and do NOT apologize for that, BUT we don't need any more than that to make the kind of music that we do. Because of that we won't buy any more guitars, or mandolins, we are not collectors, we are part time musicians. As a result, we make no further impact on the ebony in the world. Other people can do that too, DON'T buy any more new instruments than you NEED to in order to make your music. The ONLY wood on one of my guitars IS the fingerboard, saving the spruce normally used for the body for something else, and the sound of that all chrome plated brass Fender Tri-cone Dobro when I play blues is INCREDIBLE. We don't need to DECIMATE the forests to make good music.
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