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What my sweetie pie says, is not just pessimism, in today's economy, there are many minimum wage workers that can't AFFORD to get things anywhere than Wallmart, Target, or "Dollar Stores". While they won't be in the market for high end musical instruments, her last sentence DOES make a very valid point. If everyone went to brass dobro's and "plastic" Ovations, all that is happening, is that we have then shifted the impact on ANOTHER ecosystem.
The simple fact of the matter IS, that there are FAR too many people on this planet, and as a "group", we are of such a number, that our ever growing impact on the health of the Planet is becoming more, and more disastrous.
Ateyo an I are SO glad that we can look in the mirror, and feel content that NEITHER one of us has put one more human on this Planet. As a species, Homo sapiens, have become a LETHAL PARASITE to this planet.
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