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The night that I first saw Avatar, the movie was the last thing I was thinking of before I fell asleep, and the first thing I thought of when I awoke the next morning. That didn't happen again until I saw Cloud Atlas a few weeks ago. I had read the book beforehand so I kind of knew what to expect. Even so, I was still blown away by it. It's a different sort of vision that's presented in the movie, not just how the six stories are presented but I think the whole reincarnation/archetype facet is presented differently too (and it's not necessarily better or worse, just interesting to ponder). I loved how it showed how the actions of the various characters caused effects on others in the future (like what Sonmi's declarations did). I can't step back and look objectively at the whole human race to verify this, but I just have a hunch that this is how things really are: that anything anyone does is going to matter in some way later on.

Dare I say it, but I think I like the movie more than the book. I'd gladly go see it again, but it's already been pulled from most of the theaters around where I live so that could be difficult.

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