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Yes, I read that the average Americans did not value the film so much so it probably was replaced fast by some new Vampire film or something. Here it just started and I think it has the potential to draw in a lot of people. I have not seen many movies twice or more, but this one may be one of them. In part admittedly because I may want to see the dubbed version to at least have some reasonable chance to understand the future-english - It leaves more questions open than it answers, so I wonder if it makes sense to also read the book - Empty Glass - are some of the unclear connections more clear in the book? But then again - I think I just missed so many of them because so much was happening, that I may benefit from a second viewing in getting more clues.
One thing for example I was wondering about was, why Somni was in images on the walls and statues after the fall. Was it because she did incite a revolution? Was it just because she looked like all the other fabricants and these images were just the company logo, which I think is most likely - but then again why do people remember her as a "goddess" - how did that come to be. This movie certianly makes you look for the clues and that way they managed to pull off a movie that people want to go in again and again to find more clues and details and connections. I think that is brilliant
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