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I don't know if I would say that unclear connections are more clear in the book. (I'm lending my copy right now so I can't verify that.) I would actually say that the movie made more connections visible to me which I hadn't noticed in the book, although that might have just been part of the filmmakers' vision.

I think that in some cases, there are supposed to be questions that are left for the viewer/reader to answer, particularly with the stories that take place in the future and how their settings came to be. (By the way, one difference in the book is that years are rarely stated to specify how much time has passed between each story.) Regarding Sonmi, my own theory is that she did incite a revolution with the speech that she recorded, and somehow her words survived while the rest of civilization went through the fall. And then, as so often happens with speeches and stories, her words and persona got magnified to the point where first she was a hero and a figurehead, then a legend, and then an object of worship long after she had lived and her original self forgotten. I think you should check out the book Aurora; there are aspects of Sonmi's story that didn't make it into the movie which make it a very compelling read. (Its setting certainly has similarities with Earth as depicted in the Collector's Edition of Avatar.)

I don't want to disparage my fellow Americans but I do wish that more people here would give it a chance. Maybe it'll be rediscovered by film buffs after it's released on DVD. And there are still plenty of countries it hasn't been shown in yet; hopefully people in each of those countries will enjoy it too.
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