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Ah, so will consider reading the book. I found that Somni story interesting. I read, that in the book it was revealed in the end that all she did was part of a government conspiracy to increase the perception that fabricants have to be strongly opressed to prevent terrorism. However I am not sure what the story then is - if that whole thing was orchestrated, as it is described in the book, then maybe the revolution did not happen right away. Especially I dont think that the statues of Somni are related to the Somni in the story. Aftera ll they all look alike. But I can imagine that this particular Somni created a subversiveness among other Somnis which may have lead to a revolution that then later is described as "the fall" - the memory of Somnis revolting would have been preserved because it was them who created the world in the aftermath and the particular Somni in the story was at the beginning of it. Just my theory. Its cool that one has so many options to make a coherent story between the different storylines
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