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Okay, so I saw it a second time today and I loved it even more than the first time. Maybe I'm just a big softie, but the waterworks were even running a bit. There's no question, this is the only movie since two years and eleven months ago that's been close to dominating my mind as much.

I think there's actually something inspirational in it. So much of what the movie is about as a whole is words and ideas (even objects in some cases) going beyond their time of origin and extending into the future. Of people's actions causing effects long after they are dead. If that is true, well, then it seems that everything we say and do should be treated as if it could affect someone far beyond our sight, and that those things should be positive/not have the potential for destruction. I'm not saying that every word that comes out of our mouths could result in others creating novels, revolutions, religions, etc., but still I think it's good to contemplate 'cos we never know.

Also, when exiting the theater I walked slowly and took in the world around me. I just observed all the people around me, thinking something about how each person is his or her own be honest I actually don't remember what exactly it was, only that I wasn't ignoring passerby as is typical. And I just felt glad to be alive - to know that I've been able to do good here and there and that there's still so much to do - and to feel like no matter where I am and who I am in the world, I shall always find something to do that will matter for someone.
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